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‘Feedbin: Private by Default’

“Since Feedbin is 100% funded by paying customers, I can focus solely on making the best product possible without compromises. Therefore, Feedbin can be private by default.”

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‘How to fix the Copyright Directive lobbying disaster’

“Today’s EU copyright vote went about as badly as could be feared: MEPs approved articles 11 and 13, meaning that unless member states push back (and good luck with that), it will likely become illegal to link to an article using the headline for that article, and all but the smallest websites will need to install upload filters to weed out copyright-protected content.”

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Another new content update for September 2018! Please open the app to get the latest blocking rules.-- @laura

‘Why Facebook Will Never Be Free of Fakes’

“With algorithms amplifying content that generates passionate responses, the crazy conspiratorial stuff will always rocket around Facebook faster and farther than the thoughtful condolence or the cute pictures of golden retrievers. And with that powerful advertising system, Facebook will always be the platform of choice for dishonest or hateful parties.”

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‘IBM Used NYPD Surveillance Footage to Develop Technology That Lets Police Search By Skin Color’

”Civil liberties advocates say they are alarmed by the NYPD’s secrecy in helping to develop a program with the potential capacity for mass racial profiling.”

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New content update for 5th September 2018! Please open the app to get the latest blocking rules. --@laura

‘Five-Eyes nations to force encryption backdoors’

“While the rhetoric is sharp, the specifics are vague.” As it has been said before, a backdoor is just another door. You either have encryption or you don’t. There is no halfway.

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‘How Facebook Helps Shady Advertisers Pollute the Internet’

“They told me that Facebook had revolutionized scamming. The company built tools with its trove of user data that made it the go-to platform for big brands. Affiliates hijacked them. Facebook’s targeting algorithm is so powerful, they said, they don’t need to identify suckers themselves—Facebook does it automatically.”

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‘Google and Mastercard Cut a Secret Ad Deal to Track Retail Sales’

“the deal, which has not been previously reported, could raise broader privacy concerns about how much consumer data technology companies like Google quietly absorb.”

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‘US Department of Housing and Urban Development Hits Facebook For Allowing Housing Discrimination’

“According to the complaint, Facebook permitted advertisers to discriminate based on disability by blocking ads to users the company categorized as having interests in ‘mobility scooter’ or ‘deaf culture.’…”

When someone from Trump’s government tells you you’re being discriminatory against people on grounds of race, religion, sex, and disability, it must be extreme…

‘The looming deluge of connected dildos is a security nightmare’

“Alongside having the best security and privacy technologies, smart sex toy makers should have the most robust privacy policies. The less that’s collected, the less that can be abused, after all.”

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‘GDPR cuts tracking cookies in Europe’

“This does not prove that GDPR caused the decline, but it may have prompted websites to look at the cookies they were using, and for which they now had to obtain consent…

However, American technology companies generally evaded the cull. Most sites retained cookies from Google (96 percent), Facebook (70 percent), and Amazon (57 percent).”

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‘Clashes Over Ethics At Major Tech Companies Are Causing Problems For Recruiters’

“The actions of a handful of individuals are unlikely to steer corporate policy, but the trend could signal a looming recruiting pipeline problem if the companies don’t change tack.”

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‘Algorithms alone can’t meaningfully hold other algorithms accountable’

“If it is accountability to the public at large, there are broader issues to consider, such as what limits should be placed on these tools’ use and commercialization, if they should even be developed at all.”—Frank Pasquale

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‘Google data collection research’

“Google has the ability to associate anonymous data collected through passive means with the personal information of the user. Google makes this association largely through advertising technologies, many of which Google controls.”

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