‘This early GDPR adtech strike puts the spotlight on consent’


“In Fidzup’s case, complying with GDPR has had a major impact on its business because offering a genuine choice means it’s not always able to obtain consent.”

Fascinating to see what is a genuinely GDPR-compliant consent flow. Hopefully the complexity of which will make businesses see the collection of people’s data as risky and expensive.

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What happens when you watch my BBC Ideas video on Surveillance Capitalism or if you embed it on your own site?

That’s right… you get tracked! And you expose your visitors to third-party tracking.

Isn’t #SurveillanceCapitalism fun?



‘Your Apps Know Where You Were Last Night, and They’re Not Keeping It Secret’


“At least 75 companies receive anonymous, precise location data from apps whose users enable location services to get local news and weather or other information, The Times found. Several of those businesses claim to track up to 200 million mobile devices in the United States”

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‘Seized cache of Facebook docs raise competition and consent questions’


“The files also spotlight several issues of concern relating to privacy and data protection law, with internal documents raising fresh questions over how or even whether (in the case of Facebook’s whitelisting agreements with certain developers) it obtained consent from users to process their personal data.”

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‘‘Good for the world’? Facebook emails reveal what really drives the site’


“The emails provide an uncommon window into the thinking of Zuckerberg and other Facebook executives… Executives considered charging developers fees to gain access to user data – something Facebook now claims it would never do – and discussed other schemes to leverage the company’s scale and vast troves of user data into revenue.”

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‘Google faces GDPR complaint over ‘deceptive’ location tracking’


‘“Google is processing incredibly detailed and extensive personal data without proper legal grounds, and the data has been acquired through manipulation techniques,” said Gro Mette Moen, acting head of the Norwegian Consumer Council’s digital services unit in a statement.’

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💙 New blocking rules! On 30th November 2018 Laura fixed three broken sites, blocked first-party targeted ads on three sites, and blocked fourteen new trackers.

To get the new rules, choose ‘Update rules’ from Better’s menu.


‘Can Facebook be forced to comply with privacy laws?’

“Facebook is accused of undermining democratic institutions, but its CEO fails to face up to MPs at a hearing in London.”

Al Jazeera Inside Story featuring @aral.


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I’ll be on Inside Story on Aljazeera today to discuss how we can regulate the abuses of surveillance capitalists like Facebook/Google and how we can create an alternative to surveillance capitalism where we fund ethical technology owned and controlled by individuals from the commons for the common good.

We will be recording at 13:30 GMT and it will air at 17:30 GMT.


You can watch it on the live stream at: aljazeera.com/live/

‘The City of the Future Is a Data-Collection Machine’

“[Cavoukian is] worried about Sidewalk using all these cameras and sensors to track people on an individual level, to create real-life versions of the personal profiles Google already uses to track people online.”


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‘Wanted: The ‘perfect babysitter.’ Must pass AI scan for respect and attitude.’

“The systems depend on black-box algorithms that give little detail about how they reduced the complexities of a person’s inner life into a calculation of virtue or harm. And even as Predictim’s technology influences parents’ thinking, it remains entirely unproven, largely unexplained and vulnerable to quiet biases over how an appropriate babysitter should share, look and speak.”


‘The Next Data Mine Is Your Bedroom’

“The language of these patents makes it clear that Google is acutely aware of the powers of inference it has already, even without cameras, by augmenting speakers to recognize the noises you make as you move around the house.”


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‘LinkedIn processed 18 million email addresses of non-users for targeted advertising’


“LinkedIn processed the email addresses of 18 million non-members and targeted them with advertising on Facebook without permission, an audit by the [Irish] Data Protection Commissioner has found.”

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💙 New blocking rules! On 23rd November 2018 Laura fixed seven broken sites, blocked three blocker blockers, and blocked twenty-three new trackers.

To get the new rules, open the app on iOS, or choose ‘Update rules’ from the menu on macOS.


‘How a small French privacy ruling could remake adtech for good’


“this is being interpreted by data experts as the regulator stating that consent to processing personal data cannot be gained through a framework arrangement which bundles a number of uses behind a single “I agree” button that, when clicked, passes consent to partners via a contractual relationship.”

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‘Students protest Zuckerberg-backed digital learning program and ask him: ‘What gives you this right?’’


“What gives you this right, and why weren’t we asked about this before you and Summit invaded our privacy in this way?”

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