‘State websites are aiding a disgraceful silent surveillance’

“Of ‘special concern‘ is that, by cross-referencing such data to the vast trove of personally-identifying information Google also holds from services like Gmail, Android apps, and Search, Google can ‘easily associate web activity with the identities of real people’, the report warns.”


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💙 New blocking rules! On 20th March 2019, Laura blocked more first-party targeted ads on two sites, fixed two sites, and blocked one new tracker.

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‘Canary in a Coal Mine: How Tech Provides Platforms for Hate’

“We, by way of our platforms, give agency and credence to these acts of violence, then pilfer profits from them. Tech is a money-making accomplice to these hate crimes.”


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‘Trading privacy for survival is another tax on the poor’

“Personal data is used to deny low-income people access to resources or opportunities, but it’s also used to target them with predatory marketing for payday loans or even straight-up scams.”


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‘How the tragic death of Do Not Track ruined the web for everyone’

“the prospect of federal legislation brought ad players to the table. But when that legislation didn’t materialize, “the prolonged negotiations in fact proved useful to the industry to create the illusion of a voluntary self-regulatory process, seemingly preempting the need for regulation.”


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‘Tech giants do not face enough competition, new report says’


“As for forcing the big companies to provide access to their customers' data troves to other companies, we urge significant caution. Personal data is not just any other economic asset. Privacy and the protection of personal data are fundamental human rights.”

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💙 New blocking rules! On 13th March 2019, Laura blocked one blocker blocker, and fixed two sites.

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I’ll be live on Al Jazeera at 10:30 GMT to talk about single points of failure in surveillance capitalism and how the UK’s “competition rules” for Facebook, etc., that would further legitimise the concept that you are/your data is property are the wrong approach.

Watch live online at aljazeera.com/live/

‘Why beating your phone addiction may come at a cost’

“as this burgeoning movement becomes an industry, some worry that the “wellness” approach and its emphasis on personal responsibility is whitewashing deeper structural issues within the tech industry.”


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‘Reclaiming privacy: a feminist manifesto’

“whose privacy are we fighting for when we say we defend the right to privacy? Talking about privacy in the abstract – as if we all benefit from the same rights, as if we are all equal – means taking the risk of defending the rights of only the most privileged ones in society – with privilege coming in different forms from having a voice to be heard to socio-economic status.”


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‘A new study finds a potential risk with self-driving cars: failure to detect dark-skinned pedestrians’


“In addition to worrying about how safe they are, how they’d handle tricky moral trade-offs on the road, and how they might make traffic worse, we also need to worry about how they could harm people of color.”

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‘Mark Zuckerberg discovers privacy’

“But can Facebook reform its 15-year legacy as devourer of all things private with a single sweeping, underedited screed from its copycat visionary and dark-pattern technocrat?

Fuck no, of course it can’t.”


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💙 New blocking rules! On 6th March 2019, Laura blocked two blocker blockers, fixed one site, and blocked seven new trackers.

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‘Here are the data brokers quietly buying and selling your personal information’

“Apart from the dangers of merely collecting and storing all that data, detailed (and often erroneous) consumer profiles can lead to race or income-based discrimination, in a high-tech version of redlining.)”


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You can see @aral give the closing keynote at Le Grand Barouf Numérique in Lille on 21st March:


‘Revealed: Facebook’s global lobbying against data privacy laws’


“The documents… reveal a secretive global lobbying operation targeting hundreds of legislators and regulators in an attempt to procure influence across the world, including in the UK, US, Canada, India, Vietnam, Argentina, Brazil, Malaysia and all 28 states of the EU.”

Also worth reading the longer article on Computer Weekly:


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‘Privacy complaints received by tech giants’ favorite EU watchdog up more than 2x since GDPR’

“‘The phenomenon that is the [GDPR] has demonstrated one thing above all else: people’s interest in and appetite for understanding and controlling use of their personal data is anything but a reflection of apathy and fatalism,’ writes Helen Dixon, Ireland’s commissioner for data protection.”


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‘The real reason why Facebook and Google won’t change’

“These histories illustrate Facebook’s radical indifference, my term for the formal relationship between surveillance capitalists and their users. Facebook doesn’t care about disinformation, or mental health, or any of the other issues on Zuckerberg’s list of resolutions. Users are not customers, nor are they ‘the product.’ They are merely free sources of raw material.”


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‘You Give Apps Sensitive Personal Information. Then They Tell Facebook’

“The social-media giant collects intensely personal information from many popular smartphone apps just seconds after users enter it, even if the user has no connection to Facebook…”


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