@better @aral :

1. I would give the patron model a shot. I'm a big proponent of "free price" and think it's the next ethical breakthrough in economy.

2. The hard part is that there are gazillions of blockers. So it would be nice to have a key differentiating point. (currently using Better and Adguard on MacOS, not sure if it's rational).

3. By mixing both problem, you start to realise that asking people who are paying what they want as a differentiating point might be a lot more productive.

@ploum @better Thanks :) Re #2: we basically have our own list that we curate based on the ethical design manifesto.

@aral @better : that's also why I took so long to buy Better. I want to block all ads ;-)

But curating is a good value proposal.

@better @aral You now have 1 more customer. :) Maybe you can set up a fixed amount of infrastructure that will knowingly be insufficient for all the free users. Have a separate infrastructure that runs faster, better, etc for subscribers? Make it clear in the app (notification?) when things are timing out due to free infrastructure? Just a thought.

@better @aral patronage inside app is a good idea. I send money when I can. Onion Browser by mike togas tried this model during a period, Chatsecure also...
I dislike the subscription model. Personally I don’t use app that need a subscription model like Ulysse, draft 5, Textexpander for exemple. I quit them for that reason. That’s my opinion.

@better @aral I can’t see any model more suitable than subscription. Because we all use the net on a daily basis, it makes perfect sense to pay for the ongoing improvement of the experience (like housecleaning). As soon as you stop subscribing, you’ll see the effect (and vice versa). I’m willing to bet a large amount that patronage will not give you enough income, because we’re all just too busy and, hey, things are working fine without paying.

@bondo @better Thanks, Joachim – that’s very helpful. Hope you’re well :)

@better @aral sounds like a good plan, I bought better but fyi I use the firefox focus blocker for iOS and macOS (as I use Firefox) - in terms of revenue options This might be worth reviewing - marco.org/2017/02/20/overcast3 - Overcast now has Premium mode which is £8.99 a year allowing you to turn off in app adverts however the adverts are curated and privacy respectful overcast.fm/ads

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